Why Gas Free?

Why gas-free? Why emission-free? Why should I care what my lawn care company uses? These are common questions that are posed. There are so many good reasons to reduce your gas usage, and with that reduce your emissions. The obvious reason is the exhaust and emissions that are put out by this equipment. But that is just the beginning of the problem. According to the EPA, gas-powered lawn care is a major contributor to non-road gas emissions, accounting for between 24-45% of non-road emissions in 2011.(1)
Luckily, we now have an organization that is focused in on this problem. The American Green Zone Alliance works to educate consumers and companies like Two Tired Services about the ramifications of using gasoline and oil dependent equipment. We are now certified by them to be an independent service provider.


The following is an excerpt from their website...

The 6 Worst Impacts

For over a decade the founders of The American Green Zone Alliance have been studying the negative impacts of gas-powered lawn equipment, on the ground, with actual lawn care crews. In fact, we used to be those workers! We dealt with those toxic machines ourselves, and we saw what commonly happens behind the scenes with full-time hard-working crews every day. The danger to workers, the ground and water, the local air quality, and global climate change are real and serious, but they have been drastically under-reported and have drawn little attention.

• Unregulated, out of date, or detuned machinery spewing excessive emissions
• Operational noise levels exceeding worker safety standards without ear protection
• Perpetual fueling, mixing, spills and evaporation of gas and oil
• Landfill disposal of replacement parts, containers with residue, and rags for gas engines
• Surreptitious disposal of toxic fluids directly into the ground
• Workers breathing carbon emissions, particulate matter, ground level ozone, and VOCs, and handling known toxic chemicals without adequate protection


AGZA was created to tell the story and raise the bar.

We combined extensive research from official scientific data sources like the EPA and various AQMDs (Air Quality Management Districts) with our own hands-on experience and anecdotal evidence in the field. We have identified the 6 worst impacts that gas equipment has on our lawn crews, our community, and our planet, and we're committed to removing them from grounds maintenance operations throughout the U.S. Read more about AGZA at www.AGZA.net https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2015-09/documents/banks.pdf