Our Mission

At Two Tired Services, we are committed to having the smallest possible impact on the environment around us. In everything we do, we consider other options that would use fewer resources when possible. We keep printed material to a minimum, and when we do use those materials, they are sourced from environmentally-minded companies. Post-consumer recycled content, chlorine-free paper, and soy-based inks are some of the things we look for in them.

We are a bicycle-based company, and try to do everything we can by only using a bicycle. We may on rare occasion use a motor vehicle to complete a job if there are extenuating circumstances. We will always promote the use of bicycles for transportation, to move goods, and to provide services. We will help out in any way we can to further that mission.

We currently utilize standard electricity from FPL for recharging our batteries. We are working towards using solar generated electricity as a complete replacement for that. We are looking to be running off of 100% renewable energy in the future. We already have a $0 gas bill, so we are off to a good start.