Because of the unique nature of our business, we get asked questions pretty frequently. Apparently there are not too many bicycle-based lawn care companies out there (YET!).  Below we have answered some of the basic ones.  Feel free to ask us a question, and we may add it to our ‘FAQ’ section.

Q  What is your service area?

A  At this time, our primary service area for lawn cutting is within the city of Bonita Springs.  If you are outside of Bonita Springs and are interested in our services, we’d love to hear from you!  We will add you to our list of potential customers just outside of Bonita Springs in areas like Estero and Naples Park. We do have plans to expand to surrounding areas in the future, so stay tuned!

Q  What does ‘Two Tired Services’ mean?

A  A classic bicycle joke inspired this name.  ‘Why did the bicycle keep falling over?  Because it was two tired!’  We also love a good pun!  Feel free to share them with us anytime.

Q  How much do your services cost?

A  This is a common question that we hear.  The answer, of course, depends on what you want done.  There are a lot of factors that go into pricing.  A basic lawn service, including cut, trim, and blow, starts at $25 for a small lawn.  Please contact us for a specific quote.

Q  What happens if it is raining when I have a service scheduled?

A  This depends on the service.  For most outdoor services, we will have to postpone and complete the job as soon as the weather clears up and conditions are acceptable.  Certain things may also be postponed due to high wind.  If there is an urgent pressing task that needs to be completed, and the weather is not cooperating, we may (at our discretion) use a motor vehicle in a pinch.

Q  Why do you ride your bicycle in the road?

A  Whether you are pulling a large landscape trailer, or you are riding a narrow, skinny-tired road bike, the road is usually the safest place to be.  I have completed a comprehensive cycling safety program called ‘Cycling Savvy’.  Please see our bicycle page for more info on safe cycling, with links to important information.

Q  I have a 5 acre parcel that I need mowed.  Could you do that for me?

A  Yikes!  No, sorry, at this time we are unable to complete large projects like that.  We are limited to smaller yards.  There is battery-powered equipment out there that will handle a job like this, but we have not reached that capacity yet.  One day, perhaps!

Q  I have a lot of weeds, and I want you to come and spray commercial-strength herbicides on them.  Can you do this?

A  For several reasons, no.  First of all, we do not possess the appropriate license to purchase, store, or apply pesticides.  Second of all, we prefer to exhaust all other methods prior to resorting to this.  There are other options for weed removal and suppression.  It’s always best to try and keep your yard’s ecosystem intact by using more natural methods.

Q  I am trying to figure out where to go on your website to find answers to some common questions.  Where is that section?

A  Umm.  Well, if you are reading this, then I think you have found it.

Q  Are you hiring?

A  At this time, no.  We are just getting started and are working on building up our customers.  When the demand becomes high enough, we will put out the notice that we are hiring.